Managing To Do Lists

Edit a To Do

Manage construction task details, subtasks, attachments, reminders and linked items easily with ConstructionOnline™ To Dos


Designed to empower construction teams to efficiently communicate deadlines, assign responsibilities, and define priorities, ConstructionOnline's To Do Lists tool offers powerful, yet easy-to-use solutions for creating and managing construction tasks. With detailed documentation in mind, ConstructionOnline To Dos contain numerous fields where project team members can document and organize task details, any related subtasks, files and photos, and more. Because ConstructionOnline understands the complexity and constant evolution of construction projects, in the event that task information needs to be modified, To Dos can be easily edited to reflect changes and updates in real-time.

This article contains the following sections: 

  1. Step-by-step instructions
  2. Video walkthrough 
  3. Additional information


  1. Navigate to the desired Project via the Left Sidebar.
  2. Select the Project Tracking tab to automatically open the To Do Lists category.
  3. Within the To Dos pane in any View, locate the desired To Do.
  4. Right-click on the To Do, and select the "Edit To Do" option. 
  5. This will open the To Do blade extension on the right-hand side of your screen where you can edit the following information: 
    1. Details: 
      1. Subject - Manage the description or title of the task or item that needs to be completed  
        1. This field is required.
      2. Notes/Description - Provide any additional details or notes about the task 
        1. The Time Stamp button can be used to automatically log the Date, Time, and Author of any additions to the Notes/Description field
      3. Related Project - Link the task to a specific ConstructionOnline Project or Project Template
        1. If working within a Project or Project Template, the current Project or Template will be assigned by default and cannot be changed. 
        2. If working with To Do Lists in Company Overview, use the dropdown menu to link the task to a specific ConstructionOnline Project or Project Template, if desired. 
          1. Projects and Project Templates appear in alphabetical order within the Related Project dropdown menu. 
      4. Due Date - Set or manage the deadline for completing the task
      5. Priority - Assign or re-assign one of the following Priority levels to the task
        1. None
        2. Low
        3. Medium
        4. High
      6. Assigned Resource(s) - Manage the Company Contact(s) that are responsible for completing the task by beginning to type the desired name into the field
        1. Resources that populate here are pulled from your ConstructionOnline Company Contact List. New Contacts must be added through the Company Contacts page and cannot be added when creating a To Do. 
      7. Related Resource(s) - Manage any additional Company Contact(s) you wish to be associated with the task by beginning to type the desired name into the field 
        1. Resources that populate here are pulled from your ConstructionOnline Company Contact List. New Contacts must be added through the Company Contacts page and cannot be added when creating a To Do. 
      8. Trade - Select or manage the Trade attached to the task  
        1. This field can be customized. 
      9. Type - Specify the Type of task this To Do is (i.e. a phone call, meeting, jobsite task, etc.)
        1. This field can be customized. 
      10. Category - Classify the task's Category (i.e. an administrative task, preconstruction task, closeout task, etc.)
        1. This field can be customized. 
      11. Stage - Indicate the status or stage in which the task stands
        1. This field can be customized. 
      12. Tags - Manage any relevant Tags attached to the task
      13. Traffic Light - Assign or re-assign one of the following colors to the Traffic Light indicator 
        1. None
        2. Green
        3. Yellow 
        4. Red
      14. Cost Code - Manage the Cost Code assigned to the task 
        1. Cost Codes must be assigned to the Project to populate here.
      15. Cost Impact - Indicate or adjust the dollar amount in which this task may effect the overall project cost 
        1. If this has yet to be determined, mark the checkbox next to ☑️ To Be Determined 
      16. Created By - This field cannot be edited. ConstructionOnline automatically populates this field to reflect the user who created the To Do. 
      17. Percent Complete - Enter the percentage of work associated with the task that has been completed, if applicable 
      18. Completed Date - If this task has already been completed, enter the date of completion here. Otherwise, ConstructionOnline will automatically populate the Completed Date once the task is marked as such. The Completed Date can be edited at any time. 
      19. Privacy - Choose to make this task visible exclusively to the creator and any Assigned or Related Resources by marking the checkbox next to ☑️ Make To Do Private 
    2. Subtasks: Add and/or manage any additional items, requirements, improvements, details, resources, etc. that you wish to be connected to this task, if applicable 
    3. Attachments: Add, preview, save, download, rename, or remove files attached to the To Do
    4. Reminders: Set up automatic reminders that will go out to your Assigned and Related Resources 
    5. Linked Items: Link the To Do to an OnPlan™ Schedule Task using ConstructionOnline's SmartLink™ technology 
  6. To finalize edits made to the selected To Do, click the blue "Save" button. 



  • Working with To Dos that are not assigned to a Project? All Company To Dos can be accessed from Company Overview > Project Tracking > To Do Lists.
  • The To Do blade extension can also be accessed by double-clicking on the desired To Do row in List or Group By Views or by double-clicking on the desired To Do card in Board View
  • Permissions: ConstructionOnline Company Users must have "Can Create, Edit, & Delete" To Do Lists permissions to be able to edit To Dos.
    • Additionally, any Company User added as an Assigned Resource to a To Do can make edits to the To Do, despite their To Do Lists permissions. 
  • ClientLink™/TeamLink™ Access:  In addition to global ClientLink/TeamLink permissions for To Do Lists, ClientLink and TeamLink Users must also be added as an Assigned Resource in order to edit To Dos. 
    • As an Assigned Resource, ClientLink and TeamLink Users have limitations as to the fields they are able to edit. Within the Details tab, they can make edits to any data point with the exception of the following fields: Project, Assigned Resource(s), Related Resource(s), Tags, Cost Code, and Created By. 
    • In addition, ClientLink and TeamLink Users added as an Assigned Resource can add and edit Subtasks and Attachments. They cannot, however, make edits within the Reminders or Linked Items tabs, but they can view the information that is available. 
  • CO™ Mobile App: To Dos can be edited via the CO Mobile App.


  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding To Dos can be found in the FAQ: To Dos article. 
  • If you need additional assistance, chat with a Specialist by clicking the orange Chat icon located in the bottom left corner or visit the UDA support page for additional options.