Company Cost Codes

Overview: What are Cost Codes?

Cost Codes in ConstructionOnline™ help to organize construction data across all facets of construction project management.

ConstructionOnline's Cost Code system ties numerous features together based on the type of work being completed, boosting visibility for each division cost and allowing you to stay organized and informed throughout the construction process.


  • Cost Code Lists are the highest level of organization for Cost Codes. All Cost Codes must be part of a Cost Code List. ConstructionOnline Company Accounts with access to Cost Codes can have an unlimited number of Cost Code Lists. To utilize Cost Codes within any project and its associated elements, a single Cost Code list must be assigned.  


  • Cost Code Divisions provide a layer organizational structure for Cost Codes. Divisions act similarly to folders and help to segment Cost Codes within specific Cost Code Lists to streamline navigation, searching, and assignment. 


  • Cost Codes are the core of the Cost Codes feature of ConstructionOnline™, as the individual Cost Codes make up the specific tags that can be assigned to various components or elements within ConstructionOnline's project management features. It's important to note when creating Cost Codes that any available filtering and/or categorization is based around specific Cost Codes, not Lists or Divisions. 


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