Understanding Profile Settings

Manage personal information for your ConstructionOnline account.

Profile Settings control personal, user-specific information for Company Contacts— namely, account details, display preferences, and cloud integrations.

Almost all settings found in Profile Settings are only editable by the individual user.  For example, a Company Admin User cannot set a Message Signature for a Company Employee. To access Profile Settings, Company Contacts must locate the Company Dropdown Menu and select Edit Profile

Profile Settings is divided into five main sections: General Info, Contact Info, Password, Display, and Integrations. 

General Info

General Info consists of three smaller sections: Name & Address, Date/Time, and Message Signature. Here, Company Contacts can edit the name & address associated with their ConstructionOnline account and update relevant company information. Company Contacts can also set the time zone for their account and customize the appearance of their date & time format. Finally, Company Contacts can set a personalized Message Signature that will appear on the bottom of every message or reply they send within ConstructionOnline.

Contact Info

Contact Info contains the contact information for a Company Contact. The contact information entered here will also appear under a Company Contact's Public Contact Details, which is visible to other ConstructionOnline users. The email address listed in Contact Info is the username for a Company Contact's ConstructionOnline account. Additionally, Company Contacts can set a default signature that can be used whenever signing Punch Lists, Checklists, Reports, or Documents in ConstructionOnline. 


Password allows Company Contacts to easily change their ConstructionOnline password. If a Company Contact has forgotten their password, they can use the "Forgot Your Password?" button to send a password recovery email to the email address associated with their ConstructionOnline account. If a Company Employee does not remember their password and cannot log into ConstructionOnline, a Company Admin User can reset their password for them. 


Display determines how ConstructionOnline appears to each individual user. Company Contacts can add a custom Avatar, choose between light & dark mode, and select a personalized theme & background image. ConstructionOnline provides many pre-set options as well as the flexibility to upload personalized images and create custom themes. 


Integrations manage a Company Contact's cloud integrations, controlling which cloud-based file storage and calendar solutions are connected to their ConstructionOnline account. ConstructionOnline can connect to existing Dropbox, Google, Microsoft 365, or box accounts. 


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