Managing To Do Lists

Mark a To Do as Complete

Track project progress by recording tasks as "Complete" in ConstructionOnline™


As the industry's leading provider of construction management software, ConstructionOnline offers construction teams easy-to-use, cloud-based tools for creating and managing detailed construction task lists. ConstructionOnline Company Users can quickly build and assign tasks and subtasks to an unlimited number of subs, suppliers, and any other team members. Harnessing cutting-edge technology for cloud- and mobile-based systems, construction teams can then track their project's progress with the click of a button by marking tasks and subtasks as "Complete".

This article contains the following sections: 

  1. Step-by-step instructions
  2. Tips and tricks
  3. Additional information


ConstructionOnline provides a few different ways you can mark a To Do as complete depending on the View you are working in and/or preferences. Once you've navigated to your desired Project, selected the Project Tracking tab, and opened the To Do Lists feature, you can choose to mark the desired To Do "Complete" by any of the following options: 

  1. Mark the checkbox on the dynamic table ✅ - One of the quickest and easiest ways to mark a To Do as "Complete" is by marking the checkbox next to the desired To Do in List or Group By Views.

  2. Mark the checkbox on the To Do card ✅ - Working in Board View? To Dos can be marked as "Complete" by marking the checkbox directly to the left of To Do's subject. The Completion icon is always shown on To Do cards in Board View, despite Card Appearance & Layout Settings, Card Density options, and Column Width options. 

  3. Update the "Percent Complete" field - An additional way To Dos can be marked as "Complete" in ConstructionOnline is by updating the To Do's "Percent Complete" field to "100%". This can be done in any View by editing the To Do's details, or by updating the "% Column" field on the dynamic table in List or Group By Views. 


  • To Dos that were Overdue upon being marked as "Complete" will be marked by a red flag next to the Completion Icon. 

  • Upon being marked as "Complete", ConstructionOnline automatically updates the To Do's "Percent Complete" field to 100% and updates the "Completed Date" field to reflect the date the To Do was marked as complete. 
    • Please note that the "Completed Date" field can be edited at any time.
  • Marking a To Do with Subtasks as "Complete" does not automatically mark its Subtasks as "Complete".
  • Any changes made to the "Percent Complete" field will result in the To Do being reverted to "Incomplete". 
  • Completed To Dos can be hidden from any To Do View by marking the checkbox next to the ☑️ Hide Completed To Dos option in the Filters widget. 
  • To Dos can be grouped by Completion Status and Completion Percentage in the Group By View. 

  • Columns can be organized by "Progress" in Board View


  • Working with To Dos that are not assigned to a Project? All Company To Dos can be accessed from Company Overview > Project Tracking > To Do Lists.
  • Permissions: ConstructionOnline Company Users must have "Can Create, Edit, & Delete" To Do Lists permissions to be able to mark To Dos as "Complete".
    • Additionally, any Company User added as an Assigned Resource to a To Do can mark that To Do as "Complete", despite their To Do Lists permissions. 
  • ClientLink™/TeamLink™ Access:  In addition to global ClientLink/TeamLink permissions for To Do Lists, ClientLink and TeamLink Users must also be added as an Assigned Resource in order to mark a To Do as "Complete".
  • CO™ Mobile App: To Dos can be marked as "Complete" from the CO Mobile App. 


  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding To Dos can be found in the FAQ: To Dos article. 
  • If you need additional assistance, chat with a Specialist by clicking the orange Chat icon located in the bottom left corner or visit the UDA support page for additional options.