Create an Estimate


To create an Estimate in ConstructionOnline.


ConstructionOnline provides the most powerful cloud-based Estimating in the industry, giving users the ability to manage their Project Financials from Proposal generation through final Invoicing.


  • Estimates must be associated with a Project in ConstructionOnline
  • There are two Cost Calculation Methods for Estimates: Standard and 5-Column
  • Selections and Change Orders are shown in the Estimate, and will factor into the Project Total once Approved.
  • Company Users assigned to the Project must have permission to be able to create, edit, or delete an Estimate.


  1. Navigate to the desired Project via the Left Sidebar
  2. Select the Financials tab
    1. This will automatically open the Estimating category
  3. Choose how you'd like to create your Estimate: Create a Blank Estimate, Create from a Template, or Import from Excel

A. Create a Blank Estimate:

  1. Click the Create Estimate button
    1. Fill out Steps 1-4 in the window
  2. Step 1: Enter the Estimate Name & assign a Cost Code list
  3. Step 2: Choose either Standard (2-Level) or Advanced (3-Level) level of detail
  4. Step 3: Select the Standard or 5-Column Calculation Method
  5. Step 4: Choose the Tax Method, Settings, Types, & Rates to be applied
  6. Click Save
    1. The new Estimate will automatically open

B. Create from a Template:

  1. Click the Choose Template button
    1. This will open the Create Estimate from Template window
  2. Select the desired Template and enter the Estimate Name
  3. Click Save
    1. The new Estimate will automatically open

C. Import from Excel:

  1. Download the Excel estimate template if you haven't already
    1. Choose the Template Type & click Download
    2. Follow the instructions to enter your information in the Template and save it
      1. Exit Excel and return to ConstructionOnline
  2. Click the Import from Excel button
  3. Choose the Excel File to Import and enter the Estimate Name
  4. Fill out the Estimate information based on the Excel template
  5. Click Save
    1. The new Estimate will automatically open

You can create an Estimate anywhere in the Financials category by clicking the green +New button to the top right of the Left Sidebar.


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