Create a Project Template


To create a Project Template that can be used for new Projects in ConstructionOnline 


By using Project Templates, you can streamline your project creation process and save valuable time for projects that are similar in scope.


A. From an existing Project:

  1. Navigate to the desired Project via the Left Sidebar
  2. Click the Project Name in the top-center of the page
  3. Select Save As Template 
    1. This will open the New Template from Project window
  4. Enter/Select the information to include in the Project Template, which comprises of:
    1. Project Information (i.e. Template name and currency are required)
    2. Scope of Work
    3. Project Image
    4. Project Elements to Include (files, folders, estimates, and more)
    5. Contacts - Company, Basic, ClientLink and TeamLink users
    6. Cost Codes
    7. Key Roles
    8. Project Status
  5. Click Save

B. Create a new Project Template:

  1. Navigate to Company Overview via the Left Sidebar
  2. Choose Company Projects
  3. Select the Templates category
  4. Click the green +Add New button
  5. Choose Project Template on the module and click Confirm
  6. Enter/Select the information to include in the Project Template
  7. Click Save


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