Create a New Project from Scratch


To create a new Project from Scratch in ConstructionOnline


Creating Projects is central to just about everything you will do in ConstructionOnline. They function as the very hubs of your information and house critical data such as budgets, schedules, files, and more.


  • Some fields are customizable, allowing you to add, edit, or remove categories. These fields will be indicated by the gear icon 


  1. Click the green +New button at the top left of any page in ConstructionOnline
  2. Select New Project from the dropdown menu
    1. This will open the New Project window
  3. Choose to Create a New Project from scratch 
    1. To create from a Template, view Create a New Project from a Template
  4. Click Continue
    1. This will open the Project Details window
  5. Enter the Project Details:
    1. Details: Include Project Name, Project Number, Project Address, as well as Initial Contract Price and Initial Project Duration
      1. Custom organizational fields like Project Type, Group, Stage, Category, Office, Division, and Region are populated here
    2. Scope of Work: Define the scope of the project in detail with ConstructionOnline's comprehensive text editing tools.
    3. Cost Codes: Choose a Cost Code List to utilize for the project, if preferred. 
    4. Key Roles: Assign Key Roles to project team members and choose whether or not to display in ClientLink/TeamLink Portals. 
    5. Instructions: Enter Jobsite Instructions, Notes, and other information that may be beneficial to project team members. 
    6. Project Status: To trigger project team invitations and make the project available to assigned users, set project to "Live." Projects set to "Pending" can be viewed and edited by only the Project Creator and Company Admin Users. 
  6. Click Save 
    1. The new Project will automatically open


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