Overview: What are Opportunities?

Unlimited Opportunites in ConstructionOnline™ help construction professionals organize & prioritize potential construction jobs for estimating, takeoff, proposals, and more.

Just like companies across a variety of industries, the acquisition of new clients and the pursuit of new contracts is a primary factor of success for construction companies. As part of the sales process, prospects are qualified & classified for prioritization and management. Opportunities represent potential deals, or projects, that have been identified as having a high probability of converting successfully. 

Although sales processes can take on a myriad of different iterations from industry to industry and company to company, a standard, summarized sales process might look something like this:

  1. A lead is an incoming initial contact. Leads have likely demonstrated some interest in your service or product and further discussion or review is required. The primary activities here involve sales calls, callbacks, meetings, and follow-ups. 
  2. An opportunity is born of a lead and is representative of a specific potential project or sales exchange. Generally, a good fit alignment has been determined between the Opportunity's desired result and what the company offers. Primary activities here involve defining the scope, compiling an estimate, presenting a proposal, and engaging in negotiations. 
  3. A conversion is an opportunity that is successfully closed, or "won." The conversion signifies that a sales agreement has been reached between the opportunity and the company, and it is a transaction that will move forward. Primary activities here involve management of the scope, payment for goods or services, and contract fulfillment. 

ConstructionOnline™ Opportunities

Opportunities in ConstructionOnline™ empower construction companies to win more jobs & drive revenue growth with tools that deliver accurate takeoffs, detailed estimates, cloud file management, professional proposals, and more.

ConstructionOnline™ Opportunities are related to ConstructionOnline™ Leads in that the Opportunity is the potential construction project where the Lead is the potential construction client.

Note: A single Lead in ConstructionOnline™ could potentially spawn multiple Opportunities - e.g. John contacts A.B. Construction about adding a home office onto his primary home (Home Office Addition = Opportunity #1) but he also requests a quote from A.B. Construction for a kitchen remodel at one of his rental properties (Rental Kitchen Remodel = Opportunity #2). 

Upon conversion,  Opportunities are converted to ConstructionOnline™ Projects where additional tools & features are made available to support end-to-end construction project management. 

  • Opportunity Pipeline

    • Track Opportunities with a fully customizable pipeline that provides visibility as potential jobs progress through the construction sales process. 
    • Filter Opportunities by Stage, Status, Source, Sales Representative, and/or Type to see valuable pipeline information, like the Total Value of included Opportunities
  • Opportunity Details

    • Create comprehensive job records that document an Opportunity's Value, Related Lead, Referral Source, Probability to Convert, Quality, Scope of Work, and additional notes. 
  • Opportunity Contents

    • Take advantage of a focused feature set, designed to support unlimited success bidding and winning construction jobs.
    • ConstructionOnline™ Opportunities include
      • Permissions-based access for Company Employees
      • Secure Cloud Storage for Files & Photos
      • Powerful, advanced OnCost™ Estimating
      • Fully Integrated Redline™ Takeoff
      • Industry-leading Client Selections
  • Opportunity Reporting

    • Generate professional, print-ready reports from ConstructionOnline™ Opportunities, complete with custom Company Branding 
    • Reports available for Opportunities include
      • Opportunity Summary Report
      • Opportunities Overview Report
      • Estimate Proposal
      • Simple Estimate Proposal
      • Request for Quote (RFQ)
      • All Selections Report
      • Selections Overview
      • Takeoff Quantity Report
      • Takeoff Summary Report
      • Measurement by Takeoff Report
      • Excel Export: Takeoff Summary
      • Excel Export: Takeoff Quantities


  • Stages: Categorization that represents Opportunity progress through the Opportunity Pipeline. Can be tailored to any company account with up to 6 fully customizable stages available. 
  • Status: Denotes if an Opportunity is Inactive/Open or Closed-Won/Closed-Lost.
    Can be applied to Opportunity Pipeline as a filter. 
  • Source: Metric that tracks the origin of an Opportunity, such as Online Search, Social Media, or Referral. Can be applied to Opportunity Pipeline as a filter. 
  • Type: Metric that tracks whether an Opportunity is New Business or Existing Business. Can be applied to Opportunity Pipeline as a filter. 
  • Sales Rep: Company Employee assigned to manage the Opportunity. Available Contacts populate from the Company Employees added as users on the ConstructionOnline™ Company Account. Can be applied to Opportunity Pipeline as a filter. 
  • Related Lead: Contact associated to the Opportunity, e.g. the homeowner on a residential remodel or the primary corporate contact for a commercial account. Available Contacts populate from those entered in ConstructionOnline™ Lead Tracking. 


  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Opportunities can be found in the article FAQ: Opportunities
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