Add Selections to a Category


To add Selections to a Category in ConstructionOnline.


If there is one thing your clients love, it is the ability to customize as much of their project as possible. By using Client Selections, you'll be able to present them with Selections in a clean format that is user-friendly and easy to interact with.


  1. Navigate to the desired Project via the Left Sidebar
  2. Select the Financials tab
  3. Choose the Client Selections category
  4. Create a Selection Category if you haven't already
  5. Within the desired Category, click the green +Add Selection button
    1. This will open the New Selection window
  6. A Selection Name is required
  7. Enter any additional information you wish:
    1. Location - Put the Location where the Selection will go
    2. Due Date - Choose the Due Date for the Selection 
    3. Allowance - Enter the amount the Client is willing to spend on the Selection
    4. Milestone - Attach the Selection to a Schedule Milestone (if applicable)
    5. Cost Codes - Begin typing then choose the desired Cost Code for the Selection from the dropdown. Cost Codes must be assigned to the Project
    6. Trade - Choose a Trade from the dropdown. This field can be customized 
    7. Notes - Enter any additional Notes about the Selection
  8. Click Create


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