FAQ: Contacts

What is the difference between the different Contacts types in ConstructionOnline™?

ConstructionOnline offers six different contact designations, each designed for a unique purpose and function within the platform - 

  1. Company Contacts: Company Contacts are generally individuals who work internally for your company's office and will be managing/need access to your projects in ConstructionOnline. There are two types of Company Contacts you can choose between when designating roles in your ConstructionOnline Company Account -  
    1. Company Admin Users are responsible for the setup and management of many key elements of the Company Account. All Company Accounts must have at least one Company Admin User, and most Company Accounts will have multiple Admin Users. Company Admin Users have full access to all features & functions available within their ConstructionOnline subscription and have complete control of the Company Account. Additionally, they can control permissions for other Company Employees & Contacts to determine the level of visibility and access other users have within the Company Account. 
    2. Company Employees, who may also be known as "Company Users," are able to create, share, and manage content within the Company Account, depending on their designated Company Employee permissions. All current ConstructionOnline subscriptions allow for an unlimited number of Company Employees. 
  2. ClientLink™ Contacts: ClientLink Contacts are generally construction clients, developers, investors, architects, or any other third party contacts who have been involved in contracting the construction work for completion. Being designated a ClientLink Contact grants the individual access to their project(s) via ConstructionOnline's ClientLink & TeamLink Portal. 
  3. TeamLink™ Contacts: TeamLink Contacts are generally subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, or other contacts who have a responsibility or relationship to one or more of your company's projects. Being designated a TeamLink Contact grants the individual access to their project(s) via ConstructionOnline's ClientLink & TeamLink Portal. 
  4. Basic Contacts: Basic Contacts are recommended for individuals you want to share files, photos, and plans with, but do not want to give full access to your ConstructionOnline Company Account or the Portal. Basic Contacts can be converted to Leads if necessary. 
  5. Leads: A lead is an incoming contact—generally a potential client—who has demonstrated interest in your company's service or product. Leads can automatically populate to your Company Account if you are utilizing ConstructionOnline's custom, online Lead Capture Form or, conversely, Leads may be created by a Company Employee via Excel import or manual entry
  6. Inactive Contacts: Contacts that have not been associated with any Project in your ConstructionOnline Company Account are considered to be "Inactive." Once a Contact has been invited to join a ConstructionOnline Company or Project (and designated as a Company, ClientLink, or TeamLink Contact), they no longer qualify as an Inactive Contact.

More information regarding the creation, organization, and management of different ConstructionOnline Contact types can be found in the Essential Guide to Contacts in ConstructionOnline

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