SuiteLink FAQ


SuiteLink provides seamless integration between ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline. Simply drag your projects, folders, files, and contacts to the online workspace in ConstructionSuite, and ConstructionOnline will automatically host them online, connecting your entire team with the latest project information, files, details, photos, and feedback.

Q. How do I turn SuiteLink on?

a. To set up SuiteLink, follow these steps: Setting Up SuiteLink Connection

Q. Is it a 1:1 sync between ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline?

a. SuiteLink is not a 1:1 sync because the two platforms were built with different functionality in mind. Both programs offer unique features to fit the needs of the construction industry across the globe.

Q. Can I send an Estimate from ConstructionOnline to ConstructionSuite?

a. Estimate syncing only sends Estimates from ConstructionSuite to ConstructionOnline.

Q. Why isn't my ConstructionSuite Contact showing up in ConstructionOnline?

a. To upload a Contact from ConstructionSuite to ConstructionOnline, you'll need to ensure SuiteLink is turned on and the Contact has the following fields completed: First Name, Last Name, Display Name, and Email Address. If the Contact still does not appear in ConstructionOnline after checking these items, call 800-700-8321 to speak with a Product Specialist.

Q. How do I send my Project information to ConstructionOnline?

a. You can send Project details to ConstructionOnline two ways: through the Automatic Project Sync or by Manually Uploading Projects.

Q. How can I upload a single Change Order?

a. You can upload a Change Order by following these steps: Upload Change Orders to ConstructionOnline from ConstructionSuite

Q. I uploaded a Schedule to ConstructionOnline, where is it?

a. If the Schedule is associated with a Project, check that Project. If not, check the Company Schedules by going to Overview > Calendars & Scheduling > Scheduling. All Schedules, whether assigned to a Project or not, will appear here. Still not seeing the Schedule? Call 800-700-8321 to speak with a Product Specialist.

Q. Can I upload Templates?

a. Absolutely! Uploading Templates would follow the same process as their Project File counterparts but they will be uploaded to the Templates section. You can access ConstructionOnline Templates by going to Overview > Company Projects > Templates.

Q. Why am I getting a failed message when I upload an Estimate/Schedule/File?

a. A failed message could be the result of several factors: poor internet connection, security software blocking the upload, invalid configuration, or SuiteLink not turned on are all common reasons. If you're unable to identify why you're getting a failed message, call 800-700-8321 to speak with a Product Specialist.

Q. I uploaded a Project to ConstructionOnline from ConstructionSuite, where did it go?

a. First, be sure to refresh ConstructionOnline. If you're not seeing your newly uploaded Project listed in Company Projects after refreshing, check the Left Sidebar for ConstructionSuite Projects. If your Project is listed there, simply right-click on the name & activate.

Have a question that isn't on this list? Give us a call at 800-700-8321 and we'll be happy to help.