SuiteLink Options


To set or adjust the syncing options for SuiteLink


SuiteLink provides seamless integration between ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline. Simply drag your projects, folders, files, and contacts to the online workspace in ConstructionSuite, and ConstructionOnline will automatically host them online, connecting your entire team with the latest project information, files, details, photos, and feedback.


  • An active TotalCare membership is required to use SuiteLink.
  • SuiteLink configuration must be completed before syncing information between ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline.


  1. Within ConstructionSuite, navigate to Tools in the top navigation bar
  2. Select ConstructionOnline Settings
  3. Choose the second option in the dropdown menu, SuiteLink Options
    1. The SuiteLink Options Module will pop-up

  4. Select the desired options for SuiteLink
    1. Enable SuiteLink: Allows the connection between ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline
      1. Enabling SuiteLink does not send information between the platforms
    2. Enable Hosted Files: Hosted Files allows files stored in ConstructionOnline to be visible and downloaded via Project Files.
      1. Enabling Hosted Files does not automatically download files to your computer
    3. Enable Contact Sync: Automatic sync for Contacts
      1. Contacts must have: First Name, Last Name, and Email Address to sync between ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline
    4. Enable To-Do Sync: Automatic sync for To-Dos
    5. Enable Project Sync: Automatic sync for Projects
    6. Enable Activity Sync: Automatic sync for Calendar Activities
  5. Click OK


  • There are four automatic syncs that SuiteLink provides: Project sync, Contact sync, To Do sync, and Activities sync.
  • All ConstructionOnline files can be viewed within ConstructionSuite in the Project Files section when Hosted Files is turned on.
  • Estimates and Schedules are manually synced between ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline.


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