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Getting Started with QuickBooks Online Integration


To successfully integrate ConstructionOnline and QuickBooks Online.


Integrating your ConstructionOnline account with your QuickBooks Online account creates a live connection between the two, eliminating redundant data entry and improving accuracy and efficiency. Accounting Integration in ConstructionOnline can only be activated by the Account Owner.


  • Your company's QuickBooks Online administrator will need to approve the integration process. 
  • Only ConstructionOnline Company Administrators can sync ConstructionOnline and QuickBooks Online.
  • QuickBooks Online uses universal settings when integrated with ConstructionOnline, meaning that you don't have to create an account for each job.
  • ConstructionOnline Projects sync as QuickBooks Online Sub-customers and integration must be activated in ConstructionOnline per-project settings.


  1. Link ConstructionOnline Company to QuickBooks Online
    1. This integration will apply to all Projects and only needs to be completed once.
  2. Link a ClientLink User to a QuickBooks Customer
  3. Link a Project to QuickBooks Online
  4. Once your Project is linked to QuickBooks Online, you're ready to send your financial data:
    1. Send an Estimate to QuickBooks Online
    2. Create Purchase Orders for QuickBooks Online
    3. Send Change Orders to QuickBooks Online
    4. Working with Credit Memos
  5. The connection between QuickBooks Online and ConstructionOnline is bi-directional, the following guide shows how to import data from QuickBooks Online:
    1. Import Financials from QuickBooks Online


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