Integrating with QuickBooks Online

Link a Project to QuickBooks Online

Share construction financial data through advanced accounting integration functions by linking a ConstructionOnline Project to QuickBooks Online.


ConstructionOnline offer powerful, advanced accounting integration with QuickBooks Online to streamline the management of construction financials. Before the transfer of financial data can be initiated, each individual ConstructionOnline Project must be linked to QuickBooks Online. Then and only then will users be able to send and receive financial data between ConstructionOnline and QuickBooks Online. 


  • Permissions: Accounting Integration for your ConstructionOnline Company Account must be activated by a Company Admin User.
    • Access to Accounting Integration functions is exclusively available for ConstructionOnline Company Admin Users. 
    • Non-Admin Company Users can view QuickBooks data imported to ConstructionOnline.
  • The configuration of your company's QuickBooks Online Integration Settings must be completed before moving forward with individual project integration. 
  • ConstructionOnline Projects sync to QuickBooks Online as QuickBooks Sub-Customers. Therefore, a Primary QuickBooks Customer must be assigned to the Project before the Project can be linked to QuickBooks Online. 


  1. Navigate to the desired Project via the Left Sidebar
  2. Select the Financials tab
  3. Choose the Accounting Integration category
  4. Click the blue Link this Project button
    1. If you do not see the blue Link this Project button, verify that your ConstructionOnline Company Account has been linked to QuickBooks Online and that the Primary Customer has been set. 
  5. The ConstructionOnline Project will automatically link to your connected QuickBooks Online account and will appear in your QuickBooks Customer list as a Sub-Customer under the assigned Primary Customer's name. Once processed successfully, the ConstructionOnline Accounting Integration display will update with options for sending & receiving financial data. 

    082523 QBO Int Link to Prj

    An updated, timestamped activity will also be added to the Accounting Integration Activity Log, showing that the Project was linked to QuickBooks Online, the user who linked the Project, and the date & time of the link. 

    082523 QBO Int Act Log Prj


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