Create a Project Announcement

Easily update the entire project team by making a Project Announcement in ConstructionOnline™


ConstructionOnline™ works to keep construction teams aligned with purpose-built tools for streamlining communication. Project Announcements offer a quick, easy option for communicating with your entire project team in a single step. Need to notify your team of schedule updates? Remind them of upcoming deadlines? Recognize outstanding achievements? All of that (and more) can be accomplished with Project Announcements! 


  1. Navigate to the desired Project via the Left Sidebar
  2. Select the Communication tab and choose the Announcements category

    Create PA1a

  3. Click the green (+) Add Announcement button.
  4. Within the New Project Announcement window, enter the information to be included in the Project Announcement: 

    Create PA2
    1. Details:
      1. Related Project: Auto-populated with the current Project's Name and cannot be modified.
      2. Subject*: Enter a title or short introduction regarding the Announcement, similar to the Subject Line for an email message.
        *Required field for all Announcements.
      3. Message: Enter the body of the Announcement. Customize the format of the Announcement's text with options for Font, Font Size, Font Color, Font Style, Alignment, Bulleted or Numbered Lists, Tables, and Hyperlinks.
      4. Priority: Help recipients determine the importance of the Announcement with options for Low, Medium, or High priority. 
    2. Attachments: Upload or drag & drop any Files/Photos related to the Announcement.
      1. Attachments are saved to the Announcement, so they can be accessed at anytime from within the Announcement. Attachments are also included in subsequent email notifications sent for the Announcement. 
  5. Once you've completed the Announcement Details and added any related Attachments, click "Next" to proceed.
  6. Select Contacts to be notified of the Announcement via email. All Company Contacts, TeamLink Contacts, and ClientLink Contacts who are included on the Project Team will be available to be selected here.
    1. Email notifications are only available for "Live" Projects. Email notifications for Project Announcements, along with all other email notifications, are disabled for "Pending" Projects. Read more about Project Status settings here. 
    2. All Contacts on the Project Team will have access to the Announcements posted in the Project, but only those selected in this step will receive an email notification. 
      1. Access to Project Announcements via the ClientLink and/or TeamLink Portal is dependent upon ClientLink and/or TeamLink Permissions. 
  7. Complete and post the Project Announcement by choosing to - 
    1. "Post & Send Email" - This option will post the Announcement to the Project and send immediate email notifications to the Contacts selected from the Project Team in Step 6.  
      Screenshot 2023-10-16 142541
    2. "Post & Skip Emails" - This option will post the Announcement to the Project, but will not send immediate email notifications. 


  • Permissions: All Company Users can create Project Announcements for any Live Projects in ConstructionOnline. 
    • ConstructionOnline Admin Users and/or Project Creators can create Project Announcements for any Pending Projects. 
    • ClientLink™ and/or TeamLink™ Users cannot create new Project Announcements, however, they can access all Project Announcements if the option for Announcements is enabled within your Company's respective ClientLink and/or TeamLink Settings. 
  • General Company Announcements can be created from ConstructionOnline's Company Overview > Communication > Announcements. 
    • General Company Announcements are accessible to all Company Employees. While selected ClientLink and/or TeamLink Contacts may be notified via email of General Company Announcements, they do not have explicit access to these Announcements in ConstructionOnline. 
  • Project Announcements and Company Announcements can also be accessed and created via CO™ Mobile.
  • Announcements are one-way communications, designed to deliver key project information to the entire Project Team through a single action. Users will not be able to reply to Announcements. 

Looking for something more conversational? Check out Envoy™ Chat, ConstructionOnline's instant messenger solution for internal company communication, or ConstructionOnline™ Messages, a centralized replacement for siloed emails. 


    • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Announcements can be found in the article FAQ: Announcements
    • If you need additional assistance, chat with a Specialist by clicking the orange Chat icon located in the bottom left corner or visit the UDA Support Page for additional options.