Customizing To Do List Interfaces

Edit Totals & Averages Row Settings

Adjust what aggregate cost impact metrics display alongside your tasks lists in List and Group By Views


Designed specifically for growing contractors, ConstructionOnline™ To Do Lists provide construction companies with task management tools that not only store all the comprehensive data related to their tasks but integrate tasks across the platform, supporting the intricate nature of construction project management. Alongside features like the ability to link To Dos to Schedule Tasks via SmartLink™ or pin them onto plans in Redline™, ConstructionOnline has built in the ability to display aggregate cost impact metrics directly alongside To Dos, empowering project teams to stay informed about their project's financial health and make strategic decisions regarding task prioritization and resource allocation. 

Aggregate metrics display exclusively at the bottom of the table(s) within List and Group By Views and can include the following values: Totals, Averages (excluding 0 values), Averages (including 0 values), Minimum (non-zero), Median, Maximum, Count, or all of the above. 

This article contains the following sections:

  1. Step-by-step instructions
  2. Video walkthrough
  3. Best use recommendations
  4. Additional information


  1. Navigate to the desired Project via the Left Sidebar.
  2. Select the Project Tracking tab to automatically open the To Do Lists category.
  3. Click on the grey three-dot action menu  located in the top right corner of the To Dos pane and select the "Totals & Averages Row Settings" option from the dropdown menu.
    1. The Totals & Averages Row Settings are available from all three To Do interfaces (List, Group By, and Board); however, aggregate metrics are only displayed in List and Group By Views. 
  4. From the Totals & Averages Row Settings window, choose which of the following rows to display and in what order -

    ☑️ Totals
    ⬜ Averages (exclude 0 values)
    ☑️ Averages (include 0 values) 
    ⬜ Minimum (non-zero)
    ⬜ Median
    ⬜ Maximum
    ⬜ Count
    1. The "Totals" and "Averages (include 0 values)" options are selected by default. 
      1. Default options can be restored at any point by clicking the blue "Restore Default" text at the bottom of the window.
    2. Mark the checkbox next to ☑️ Select All to select all options on the list. 
    3. To rearrange the order of the rows, click and drag the desired row up or down the list. 
  5. Finalize your Totals & Averages Row Settings by clicking the blue "Save" button. 
    1. ConstructionOnline will update your interface based on the selected settings. However, please note that aggregate metrics display exclusively at the bottom of the table(s) within List and Group By Views. 


Please note this video tutorial shows To Dos displayed in the Group By View. While the Totals & Averages Row Settings option is available within the three-dot action menu of all three To Dos interfaces (List, Group By, and Board), aggregate metrics display exclusively at the bottom of table(s) in List and Group By Views. 


There are several ways your team and company can benefit from displaying aggregate cost metrics alongside your To Do information in ConstructionOnline, including - 

  • Performance Evaluation: Displaying aggregate cost impact data allows project managers, stakeholders, etc. to assess the overall financial impact of the construction tasks at hand, providing insights into the project's health and performance. 
  • Identifying Trends: By analyzing costs in relation to construction tasks, trends can be identified, helping to anticipate potential cost overruns or areas where costs can be optimized. 
  • Benchmarking: Comparing current cost data with historical data or industry benchmarks can help project managers gauge the project's progress and performance against expectations. 
  • Decision Making: Aggregate values can inform decision making processes, such as prioritizing tasks based on their cost impact or reallocating resources to manage costs more effectively. 
  • Communication: Displaying cost impact values in a clear and concise manner facilitates communication among project stakeholders, ensuring all team members are aware of the project's financial status and any potential issues. 


  • To Dos can be created at the Company or Project level. More information on To Dos at the Company level can be found in this FAQ!
  • Any changes made to the display or organization of task data in ConstructionOnline's To Do feature—including any edits made to the Totals & Averages Row Settings—are user-specific and do not affect other team members' views.
  • For more information on how each aggregate metric is calculated, visit the Overview: The Role of To Dos in Construction Project Management article. 
  • Permissions:  ConstructionOnline Company Users with To Do Lists permissions set to "Can View" or "Can Create, Edit, & Delete" can access and adjust the Totals & Averages Row Settings.
    • Additionally, any Company User added as an Assigned or Related Resource to a To Do can access and adjust the Totals & Averages Row Settings, despite their To Do Lists permissions. 
  • ClientLink™/TeamLink™ Access: In addition to global ClientLink/TeamLink permissions for To Do Lists, ClientLink and TeamLink Users must also be added as an Assigned or Related Resource in order to access the Totals & Averages Row Settings.
  • CO™ Mobile App: Totals & Averages Row Settings are exclusively available through browser access to ConstructionOnline. 
    • The Totals & Averages Row Settings cannot be accessed via the CO Mobile App. 


  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding To Dos can be found in the FAQ: To Dos article. 
  • If you need additional assistance, chat with a Specialist by clicking the orange Chat icon located in the bottom left corner or visit the UDA support page for additional options.