Edit a Contact


To edit an existing Contact's Private Details in ConstructionOnline


Contacts within ConstructionOnline are referred to as Users, and are divided into five categories: Company Employees, TeamLink Users, ClientLink Users, Leads & Basic Users. A first name, last name, and email address are required information for adding a user.


  • You are only able to edit a Contact's Private Details, whereas Public Details can only be edited by the Contact. For more information, view Public vs. Private Contact Details.
  • Badges will appear beside Contact names in your Company Contacts list to denote whether they are a Company user, Company Admin, ClientLink user, TeamLink user, or Lead.


A. Edit a Single Contact's Private Details:
  1. Navigate to Contacts via the Left Sidebar
  2. Right-click on the Contact 
  3. Select Edit Contact
    1. This will open the Contact Details window
  4. Make the desired changes
  5. Click Save Changes
B. Bulk Edit Properties of Multiple Contacts:
  1. Navigate to Contacts via the Left Sidebar
  2. Choose the Contacts to edit by checking the box next to their name
  3. Click the blue Edit button at the top of the list 
    1. This will open the Bulk Edit Contacts window
  4. Select the Property you wish to edit from the drop-down menu
  5. Make the desired changes in the field below 
    1. Depending on the Property you are editing, the field will either be a text box or a drop-down menu
  6. Click Save


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