Public vs. Private Contact Details

Contacts are a simple but important part of Project Management within ConstructionOnline. Maintaining your Contact details with the most accurate information eases your day-to-day communication and increases reliability for everyone involved in your projects.

ConstructionOnline Contacts have two distinct sections: Public Details and Private Details. When viewing a Contact's Details, you will notice the two seperate tabs.

Public Details: These details are what is used for the Contact's account when created and is what's shown for the contact anywhere in ConstructionOnline. Public Details can only be edited by the Contact, giving each Contact control over how they are listed within ConstructionOnline and what email address they use to login their account.


Private Details: These details allow you to customize your contact without impacting the information on their ConstructionOnline account. Any Company User can view & edit a Contact's Private Details, helping to ensure your company rolodex stays up-to-date. Correspondence & notifications from Company Users is sent to the email address listed within the Contact's Private Details. The Private Details is also what's shown on the Contact's Timeline under General Info.

To access a Contact's Public & Private Details, or make changes to the Private Details, view Edit a Contact.


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