FAQ: Projects

Why can't my client/sub see their Project in the Portal?

There are a couple of reasons why your client/sub may not be able to see their Project in the Portal. 

  1. The Project Status is set to "Pending": If the Status of their Project is set to "Pending", only the Project Creator and Company Admin Users can view the Project in ConstructionOnline. Your client/sub will not be able to view the Project in the Portal until its Status is set to "Live". More information on Project Status can be found here
  2. They have not added or have been removed from the Project Team: Your client/sub must be added to the Project Team to gain access to their Project. If the client/sub was never added or was removed, follow the step-by-step instructions in this article to add them to the Project. 
  3. The Project was archived: If your client and/or sub's Project was archived, they will not be able to view their Project in the Portal. Learn how to reactivate archived Projects with this article

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