What is a Daily Log?

Document construction job progress, site conditions, work delays, and other real-time project activity with detailed daily log reports

In construction project management, daily logs (also known as daily reports or project logs) are records submitted each day by team members in the field to document work completed, delays incurred, safety incidents, site deliveries & visitors, weather conditions, and other significant activities on the jobsite. 

In the short term, daily logs serve as an efficient method of communication to keep all project team members updated and informed on job status from day-to-day, while in the long term, daily logs serve as vital documentation of project information that can be key in resolving legal disputes. 

Daily logs are often completed by workers onsite, such as site superintendents or project managers. Many logs often include photos, documents, and other attachments which serve as supporting documentation of the day's activities.  Although logs were traditionally documented by hand on notepads or in "log books," most construction companies now record daily logs online, vastly improving the efficiency, organization, and accessibility of logging onsite. 

ConstructionOnline™ Daily Logging 

With industry-leading Daily Logging available in ConstructionOnline™, project information is able to be easily recorded, organized & reviewed by date, and stored in a single secure location - ConstructionOnline™. 

  • Automated Weather Tracking

    • Location-based weather tracking automatically logs the weather conditions for the jobsite at regular intervals throughout each day, pulling from more than 15,000 global weather stations per hour and collecting 11 data points regarding current weather conditions onsite. 
    • Users can easily document weather delays by expanding upon the automatically logged weather data and detailing the severity, duration, and consequences of inclement weather conditions. 
  • Logs for Every Need

    • ConstructionOnline™ supports 9 types of Daily Logs with custom forms & fields included for each variety to ensure that the necessary details are documented in every instance. 
      • Work Log
      • Equipment Log
      • Materials Log
      • Project Notes
      • Observed Weather
      • Visitor Log
      • Delivery Log
      • Safety Log
      • Delay Log
  • Professional Log Reports

    • Automatically compile daily logs, weather data, and photos to create professional, branded log reports. Log Reports summarize all documented activity for a defined time period into comprehensive, presentation-ready PDF reports that can be downloaded, printed, and/or shared by email. 

      Download Sample Log Report


  • Resource: Contact assigned to the log, generally the party who completed the documented work, delivery, visit, etc.
  • Log Creator: Contact who entered the log.
    May be different from the "Resource."
  • Cost Code: Financial classification of cost category associated with the log. 
    Selected from Cost Code list associated to the Project. 
  • Cost Impact: Estimated dollar value impacted by the log.
    May be "TBD" (To Be Determined)
  • Trade: Labor classification of trade category associated with the log.
    Selected from Trade dropdown list. Can be customized. 
  • Timeline: Chronological view of log entries. 
  • PhotoStream: Chronological view of photos attached to log entries.