Edit a Change Order

Create, manage, and invoice construction Change Orders in ConstructionOnline™ to ensure absolute clarity on all changes made to a project's scope of work.


To edit a Change Order in ConstructionOnline™


After building an Estimate and entering into a contract with a client, changes to the scope of work may still occur. With detailed, documented Change Orders managed in ConstructionOnline™, jobs progress seamlessly, potential disputes are mitigated, and profits are protected. 


  • Company Users assigned to the Project must have permission to be able to create, edit, delete, or Approve/Reject Change Orders. 
  • ClientLink Users assigned to the Project must have permission to be able to view and Approve/Reject Change Orders.
  • TeamLink Users assigned to the Project must have permission to be able to view Change Orders in which they're a designated Resource.
  • Change Orders will not be factored into the Estimate until Approved. 
  • Some fields are customizable, allowing you to add, edit, or remove items. These fields will be indicated by the gear icon


  1. Navigate to the desired Project via the Left Sidebar
  2. Select the Financials tab
  3. Choose the Change Orders category
  4. Click anywhere on the desired Change Order 
    1. This will open the Change Order Details window
  5. Make changes in the Details, Attachments, Notes, and/or Item Image tabs
    1. Change Order Details offer options for editing Change Order Name & Description, Markup & Price, and/or Assigned Resource(s). 
      1. Choose the Name & Description tab within Change Order Details to edit Change Order Name, Number, Description, Due Date, and other general information pertaining to the selected Change Order. 
      2. Choose the Markup & Price tab within Change Order Details to edit Unit Cost, Quantity, Tax, and/or Markup for the selected Change Order. 
        1. Under Markup & Price, users can also 
          1. Enter Actuals for the selected Change Order
          2. Link Change Order Items to Estimate Items
      3. Choose Assigned Resource(s) to add/remove resources associated with the selected Change Order. 
    2. Change Order Attachments can be added, removed, previewed, downloaded, or saved to the project in ConstructionOnline from the Attachments tab. 
    3. Change Order Notes can be entered, edited, and/or removed from the Notes tab. 
      1. Pro Tip: Use the "Insert Time Stamp" option for Change Order Notes to automatically populate the specific date and time of Notes entry. Time Stamps cannot be retroactively populated. 
    4. Images can be populated for the selected Change Order under the Item Image tab within Change Order Details. 
  6. Once the selected Change Order has been edited, click "Save" to save the changes OR click "Save & Notify" to send e-mail notifications to ClientLink/TeamLink Users with permissions for Change Orders. 
    1. TeamLink Users must be assigned to the Change Order to receive e-mail notifications. 

You can also right-click on a Change Order and select Edit Change Order.


  • To ensure your ClientLink and TeamLink Users can access Change Orders in the Portal, view Manage ClientLink/TeamLink Permissions.
  • Set Custom Project Permissions for Employees to control how Company Users are able to access and interact with Change Orders.
  • Only Approved Change Orders will show on the Estimate and be added to the Project total. Pending & Rejected Change Orders will show on the Estimate, but will not alter the Project total.
  • ConstructionOnline Invoices can only be created for Approved Change Orders.
  • Approved Change Orders can be sent to QuickBooks.

Want to revert an Approved or Rejected Change Order back to Pending? Click here for further instructions on how to Revert a Change Order. 


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