Daily Logs

Duplicate a Daily Log

Easily & efficiently replicate the construction daily reports that are logged repeatedly within ConstructionOnline™


ConstructionOnline's Daily Logging feature equips construction companies with the tools they need to document construction job progress, site conditions, work delays, and other real-time project activity within detailed construction daily log reports. To make the documentation process more efficient, ConstructionOnline™ offers "duplicate" options for all nine of its daily log types. Depending on the logging process, some logs may be the same from day to day. In this case, duplicating these logs will save time & resources while maintaining the vital documentation that can be key in resolving future legal disputes.  


  1. Navigate to the desired Project from the Left Sidebar.
  2. Select the Project Tracking tab and choose the Daily Logging category.
  3. Within the Timeline or Day view, right-click on the Daily Log you wish to duplicate and select "Duplicate" from the dropdown menu. 
  4. Within the Copy [LOG TYPE] window, make any desired changes to the duplicated log taking into consideration: 
    1. All information within the displayed fields populates from the current log, but can be edited within this window. 
    2. Unless another Project is selected within the Project field, the log will duplicate within the current Project.
      1. Duplicated logs can be sent to other Projects within ConstructionOnline™ by choosing from the list within the Project field.
      2. The list of Projects populates in alphabetical order.
    3. Unless otherwise selected, duplicated Daily Logs will save as the current date.
  5. Finalize the duplication of your log by clicking the blue "Save" button.
    1. A confirmation message will appear in the bottom right hand of your screen confirming the duplicated log was "Created." 
    2. Select the blue "Go to Log" hyperlinked text to take you to the duplicated log.




ConstructionOnline™ provides an alternative access point within the Day view for duplicating Daily Logs: 

  • Navigate to the desired Project from the Left Sidebar.
  • Select the Project Tracking tab and choose the Daily Logging category.
  • Within the Day view, hover over the Daily Log you wish to duplicate and select the "Duplicate" text in the top righthand corner of the card.
  • Follow Steps 4 & 5 above


  • Permissions: ConstructionOnline™ Company Users who have Daily Logging permissions set to “Can Create, Edit, & Delete” can duplicate Daily Logs.
    • ClientLink™ cannot duplicate Daily Logs; however depending upon the ConstructionOnline™ Company's ClientLink™ Settings, they may have permission to view log entries.
    • TeamLink™ Users with "Can View, Create, and Edit their own log entries" can duplicate log entries they have created. 
      • TeamLink™ Users with "all log entries visible" can view all log entries, but cannot edit or duplicate them.
  • Mobile App: Daily Logs can be duplicated from the ConstructionOnline™ Mobile App.


  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding Daily Logs can be found in the FAQ: Daily Logs article. 
  • If you need additional assistance, chat with a Specialist by clicking the orange Chat icon located in the bottom left corner or visit the UDA support page for additional options.