FAQ: Calendars

Can I automatically sync my Project Calendar to Google/Outlook Calendars?

Yes! Within ConstructionOnline's Calendar Integration settings, you can choose to automatically send Project Calendar Events to your Google and/or Outlook Calendars. To set this up, first, make sure you have set up the integration between your Google and/or Outlook account and ConstructionOnline account. Then, navigate to your Project Calendar in ConstructionOnline and click the gear icon ⚙️ in the top righthand corner of the Calendar. Select the "Default Settings & Integrations" tab and then choose to "Send this Calendar's Events to your Google Calendar" and/or to "Send this Calendar's Events to your Outlook Calendar". Click the blue "Save" button to finalize your integration. Any new and existing Calendar Events will now appear on your Google/Outlook Calendar.

Please note that Project Calendar Events are separate from your Project Schedule. Project Schedules do not automatically sync to integrated Calendars and must be manually exported. For more information on exporting Project Schedules, visit this FAQ

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