FAQ: Calendars

Can I automatically sync my Company Calendar to Google/Outlook Calendars?

Yes, Company Calendar Events can be synced with your Google and/or Outlook Calendars. To set this up, first, make sure you have set up the integration between your Google and/or Outlook account and ConstructionOnline account. Then, navigate to your Company Calendar in ConstructionOnline and click the gear icon ⚙️ in the top righthand corner of the Calendar.

Within the Calendar Settings window, select the "Default Settings & Integrations" tab. Under the Default Calendar List/Integrations section, you can choose the Calendars that will appear by default in your Calendar list as well as choose the Calendars' Events you wish to send automatically to your Google and/or Outlook Calendar. Depending on which Company Calendar Events you'd like to sync and where you'd like to sync them, mark the dot icon ⚪ beside the Company and/or Personal options within the Google and/or Outlook columns. You can also choose to sync any other active Project Calendars from this list. 

Once you've finalized your choices, click the blue "Save" button. Any new and existing Calendar Events (for the Calendars you have selected) will now appear on your Google/Outlook Calendar.

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