FAQ: Redline Planroom

What should I do if my plans fail to upload?

After several hours, if you still haven't received an email or the publish log still displays "Redline Planroom is processing your latest plan upload" (despite several refreshes), there is a chance that your plans may have failed to upload. Plan uploads can fail if you are using a non-compatible browser or if your internet connection was interrupted during upload. Plans can also fail to upload if your files are not the correct format, password protected, encrypted, or corrupt. Here are a few solutions for failed uploads: 

  • Check your browser & internet speed 
    1. Ensure you are uploading from a recommended browser for ConstructionOnline: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox.
    2. Verify that you have a stable internet connection with a download speed between 200 and 300 Mbps.
    3. Re-upload your plans to Redline Planroom.
  • Check the file format of your plans
    1. If your plans are stored in a zip file, unzip the file and save the files individually as Redline Planroom cannot process or open compressed files. 
    2. Check that your plans are not stored within a shared drive or folder. If they are, move them to your local machine or save them to ConstructionOnline Files.
    3. Ensure that your plans are in vector PDF format. If your plans are currently a non-compatible file type, such as DWF, CAD, or IMG, convert & save them as vector PDF files—not raster. More information on vector vs. raster PDF formats can be found in the article Redline Planroom Sheet Requirements
    4. After verifying your plans are the correct file format, re-upload your plans to Redline Planroom.
  • Open the PDF files
    1. Sometimes, PDF files need to be updated for a successful upload. Open your files with a third-party PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat, then save the files again. If the files are password protected or encrypted, remove the protection before saving. 
    2. If you were unable to open & view the files, or an error message was displayed, it is likely that the PDF files are corrupt and need to be repaired. 
  • Repair the PDF files
    1. Redline Planroom cannot import and analyze corrupt PDF data. PDF corruption is often the result of interruptions to file downloads & transfers, hard-drive disk failure, email encryption issues, or opening the PDF file with an incompatible program. Repair your PDF files with third party software (such as Adobe Acrobat or an online pdf editor), then save the files again.
    2. Re-upload your plans to Redline Planroom.
    3. If you are still having issues with the corrupted files, request a new version of the files from the original creator. 

If none of the above solutions have resolved your problem and you have attempted to upload at least three times, contact our Support team for additional assistance. 

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