FAQ: Opportunities

What is an Opportunity?

An Opportunity is a potential deal, or project, that has been identified as having a high probability of converting successfully. Opportunities are the result of successful leads, who are contacts that have expressed some interest in your service. Opportunities allow you to create a scope of work, generate an estimate, present a proposal, and engage in contract negotiations—all without using one of your company's Project Starts.

Once an Opportunity has been successfully closed or "won", it can be converted to a Project. This conversion signifies that a sales agreement has been reached between the client(s) and your company.

All ConstructionOnline™ subscriptions come with the ability to create an unlimited number of Opportunities. More information on ConstructionOnline's Opportunities can be found here. For a visual flowchart detailing the recommended process for creating, managing, and converting Opportunities, visit the Opportunity Workflow.  

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