Using the Selection Picker Tool


To use the Selection Picker Tool for adding Selection Choices in ConstructionOnline.


Accuracy and efficiency are crucial components for every Project, which is why ConstructionOnline offers industry leading features to simplify your team's operations. The Selection Picker Tool has helped thousands of users save hours of manually entering information and images for Selection Choices!

Simply install the QuickPick Add-On Tool and add it to your browser's bookmark bar. Search the desired product and click the Add Selection bookmark.

We strive to be compatible with as many websites as possible for our Clients. On the off chance the data does not transmit the way you wish, we give you the opportunity to verify and edit the information before adding it to your Selections.

Selection Choices are then presented in a clean, user-friendly format in the Client Portal. ClientLink Users simply login to the Portal then approve their favorite option. It's that easy!


When using the Selection Picker Tool, only Categories with Selections will be shown. If a Selection Choice has already been approved for the Selection, that Selection will not be available in the Add this Item as a Selection Choice window.


  1. Install the Selection Picker Tool if you haven't already
  2. Ensure it is visible on your browser's bookmark bar
    1. It will say Add Selection
  3. In a new tab, search the web page with the Selection Choice to add
  4. Once you've located the desired product, click the Add Selection bookmark
    1. This will open the Add this Item as a Selection Choice window
    2. Some fields will autofill based on the website's information provided
  5. In the Add this Item as a Selection Choice window:
    1. Verify the autofilled information is accurate and make any necessary changes
    2. Select the ConstructionOnline Project, Category, & Selection to add the item
    3. Enter any additional information in the remaining empty fields
    4. Check the Item Images you want to include
  6. Click Add New Selection
    1. The window will say if the Selection Choice was added successfully
  7. Close the window and navigate back to ConstructionOnline
  8. Refresh your browser and the Selection Choice will appear


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