Punch Lists

Share a Punch List

Email a copy of a construction punch list other project team members, clients, or subcontractors


As the industry-leading solution for construction project management, ConstructionOnline™ provides construction pros with powerful tools to create, manage, and share construction punch lists.

While project team members, subcontractors, or even clients can be directly added as resources to punch lists––providing them easy access the punch list or assigned item(s) in their respective ConstructionOnline accounts––ConstructionOnline also provides an option to distribute a construction punch list via email.

Sharing a construction punch list sends an email containing the entire punch list to the intended recipient(s), and the punch list can then be viewed or printed out at a later time.

This article contains the following sections:

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Step-by-step instructions
  3. Video walkthrough
  4. Additional information


  • The intended recipient(s) of the Punch List must be added as Contacts in ConstructionOnline before the Punch List can be sent via email. 


  1. Navigate to the desired Project via the Left Sidebar.
  2. Select the Project Tracking tab, then choose the Punch Lists category. 
  3. Right-click on the specific Punch List, then select the option Share Punch List
    1. If the Punch List is stored within a Folder, drill down to the specific Punch List by clicking on & opening the relevant Folder(s).
    share punch list option
  4. Within the Share Punch List window, choose from the following details to customize how the Punch List is sent.
    1. Recipients: select which ConstructionOnline User(s) you would like to send the Punch List to. This is a required field
    2. Filter the Punch List by:
      1. Resource: choose which ConstructionOnline User you would like to sort the Punch List by. Only one resource can be selected at a time. 
    3. Choose what Items to include in the Punch List: using the provided dropdown menus, select which Items should be included on the shared Punch List.
      1. Item Priority: only include Items that are a specific priority. Options include Show All, None, Low, Medium, and High. Show All is selected by default.
      2. Item Status: only include Items that are a specific status. Options include Show All, None, In Dispute, Work Completed, Closed, Ready, and Open. Show All is selected by default.
      3. Completed vs Incomplete: only include Items that fall under a specific completion level. Options include Incomplete Items & Incomplete Issues, Incomplete Items & All Issues, Completed Issues, and Completed & Incomplete Issues. Completed & Incomplete Issues is selected by default. 
    4. Additional Options
      1. Choose from other customization options by selecting or deselecting the ☑️ check mark beside the corresponding option. Options include:

        ☑️ Include Signature Lines: adds two blank signature lines to the bottom of the shared Punch List. 
        ☑️ Include Project Information: displays the Project address and client on the shared Punch List. 
  5. Click the blue Send button to deliver the Punch List to the selected recipients. 
    1. A pop-up message will appear, notifying you that the email(s) have been sent. 




  • Only one Punch List can be shared at a time.
  • Permissions: Company Users must have permissions for Punch Lists set as "Can Create, Edit, and Delete" or "Can View" to share a Punch List via email. 
  • ClientLink/TeamLink Access: ClientLink™ and TeamLink™ Users cannot share Punch Lists via email; however, depending on their Punch Lists permissions and assigned roles, they may be able to see Punch Lists they're assigned a Viewer on, make changes to Punch Lists they're assigned an Editor on, and make changes to Punch List Items they're an Assigned Resource on.
  • Mobile App: Punch Lists can also be shared from the CO™ Mobile App. 


  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding Punch Lists can be found in the FAQ: Punch Lists article. 
  • If you need additional assistance, chat with a Specialist by clicking the orange Chat icon located in the bottom left corner or visit the UDA support page for additional options.