FAQ: Client Selections

How do I print a selection sheet for clients?

Beyond online access, ConstructionOnline provides a variety of professional Selections Reports that can be quickly & easily created and shared via email, download, or printing. Depending on your needs, you can generate print-ready documents from your construction selection sheet data through the following Selections Reports - 

  • All Selections Report: Summary of all Allowances and available Selections for a Project
  • Pending Selections Report: Compilation of "Pending" Selections for a Project
  • Selections Book: Includes details of all "Approved" Selections chosen for a Project
  • Selections Overview: Detailed overview of Project Selections, including Allowances and Due Dates
  • Selections by Location Report: Summary of Selections organized by Location
  • Approved Choices Overview: Summary of all "Approved" Choices for a Project 

All available Selections Reports can be found within the Financial Reports library. Certain Selections Reports can be accessed through the gray three-dot action menus within Client Selections. 

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