FAQ: Files & Photos

How can I share files with my ClientLink/TeamLink Users?

ConstructionOnline provides two different options for you to choose from when you are looking to share files with ClientLink and TeamLink Users. Once you've organized your Project's files and images into albums and/or folders, you can either share the album/folder which will ensure they are instantly updated in the Portal if any changes are made in ConstructionOnline, or you can copy the album/folder to ClientLink/TeamLink Files. Copying initiates a one-time copy of the album/folder and its contents, and any additional changes made in ConstructionOnline will not be reflected in the Portal. 

Once shared or copied, you can view and manage the documents your clients and subs will see when they log into the Portal within the ClientLink Files and TeamLink Files Categories. From here you can choose to make certain documents visible to all clients and subs associated with the Project as well as view documents uploaded by each individual user.

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