FAQ: Messages

Whose Messages can I see?

The Messages you can see depend on your user type and permissions for Messages:

  • If you are a Company Admin User, you can automatically see all Company Message Conversations. This includes Messages sent to and from Company Employees, clients, subs, or other users.
  • If you are Company Employee, you can automatically see any Messages sent to you. However, if your permissions for Messages have been set as "User can view all company message conversations, even if they are not explicitly added as a recipient", you can also see all Message Conversations within your Company Account.
  • If you are a ClientLink/TeamLink User, you can see Messages sent to you in ConstructionOnline if your ClientLink/TeamLink Permissions for Messaging have been enabled. If your Messaging permissions are not enabled, you will still receive Messages in your email inbox, but will not have access to Messages in the Project Portal.

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