Who should use RFIs?

As a general rule, all construction companies should be using RFIs as a part of their document management process. RFIs are an essential tool for ensuring clarity, resolving uncertainties, and maintaining accurate documentation that can protect them in court. However, because RFIs are not limited to a single party and involve collaborative communication among various stakeholders in the construction process, all members of a project team—including contractors, subs, architects, engineers, project managers, clients, consultants, design pros, and any other individual that has a vested interest in the project's success—should be willing to contribute to RFI documentation. RFIs don't merely address immediate queries; they serve as a historical record of communication that offers invaluable context for future project phases and potential disputes. Embracing a cooperative approach not only enhances the quality of the project, but also establishes a transparent and accountable environment that minimizes misunderstandings and mitigates risks—both in the the present and future. 

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