FAQ: Submittals

What is the Submittal process in ConstructionOnline™?

Submittals refer to the process of submitting various documents, drawings, samples, and other materials for approval before starting or during the construction phase of a project. These submissions are typically required by the architect, engineer, or project manager to ensure that all of the materials, products, and equipment proposed for the project comply with the proper specs, standards, and regulations. Common examples of Submittals include specs, shop drawings, product information, material samples, and manuals. 

The Submittals process in ConstructionOnline was designed so that construction companies could maintain quality, ensure compliance, and minimize errors or discrepancies during the construction process. During the creation of a Submittal, the Submittal Creator enters the details relevant to the Submittal, chooses the Approval Type (Sequential or Parallel), assigns a Submitter (optional) and any number of Approvers (at least one Approver is required), uploads any relevant attachments, and then sets the Status of the Submittal. If the Submittal's Status is set to "Open", the Submittal approval process will begin based on the Approval type and Approver list chosen during creation. Once all designated Approvers have responded/approved the Submittal, the Submittal Status should be set as "Closed" to signify no further action is necessary. The Submittal will then remain a part of the Project's historical records in ConstructionOnline. 

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