Remove a Project Image

Edit Project Details to remove the current Project Image.


To remove an existing Project Image from a Project in ConstructionOnline.


Projects in ConstructionOnline act as central hubs of information for jobs, housing critical data such as budgets, schedules, documents, plans, and more. Each Project in ConstructionOnline has its own unique Project Overview page with Quick Links to key features and important information displayed for easy, at-a-glance reference. Alongside the selected Project Image, the Project Overview page includes Project Address, Clients, Project Details, Jobsite Instructions, TrueVision™ Profit Tracking & Project Score, Weather, Project Map, and Latest Project Activity. 


  • Once a Project Image is removed from a Project, all Company Users and ClientLink contacts associated with the project will no longer be able to view the Project Image in their respective Project Overview page. 
  • All Company Users can remove Project Images from Projects they have been added to.
  • Users cannot remove a Project Image using the ConstructionOnline Mobile App.
  • Removing a Project Image does not delete the image file from ConstructionOnline.


  1. Navigate to the desired Project using the Left Sidebar.
  2. Under the Project Overview tab, click on the current Project Image.
  3. Click the red Clear Image button.
    1. This will open a Delete Image pop-up verifying your choice to remove the image.
  4. Select the blue Delete Image button.
  5. Click Save to return to the Project Overview page.

Once a Project Image has been removed,  the blue Add Project Image icon will appear under Project Details.


  • You can also use the Edit Project Details page to remove a Project Image.
      1. Navigate to the desired Project using the Left Sidebar.
      2. Click on the Project Name located at the top of the page.
      3. Select Edit Project Details from the dropdown menu.
      4. Select the Project Image tab.
      5. Follow steps 3 - 5 as listed above.


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