FAQ: Items Database & Costbooks

How should I structure my Costbook?

ConstructionOnline Costbooks are fully customizable, featuring multi-level folder structures that encourage you to organize data in whatever way works best for you and your team. We typically recommend organizing your ConstructionOnline Costbooks by Folders > Subfolders (if applicable) > Items, with Items organized in Folders/Subfolders by standard divisions and/or your estimate structure. Structuring your Costbook(s) to reflect your Estimate is made easy with the ability to create Costbooks from existing OnCost Estimates. Step-by-step instructions for creating Costbooks from Estimates can be found here

🚧 Please keep in mind Costbook Folders (and Items) are listed in the order in which they are created or imported into ConstructionOnline and cannot be re-ordered in ConstructionOnline.  


  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Costbooks can be found in the article FAQ: Items Database & Costbooks
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