FAQ: Checklists

How do I share a Checklist with my subcontractors?

To share an entire Checklist with a subcontractor via the Project Portal, you can add them as a Checklist Editor or Viewer to the Checklist. Checklist Viewers can view all the items in a Checklist, but cannot edit any items without being added as an Assigned Resource. Checklist Editors can view and edit every item on the Checklist, in addition to being able to edit the Checklist themselves.

If you only need to share specific Checklist Items with a subcontractor, you can add them as an Assigned Resource to each individual Item. When a subcontractor logs in to their Project Portal, they will only be able to view and edit the specific Checklist Item(s).

Please note that your company's global TeamLink permissions for Checklists must also be enabled for subcontractors to view and/or edit a Checklist in the Project Portal.

However, if a subcontractor does not have a ConstructionOnline account or would prefer a to view and/or print out a paper copy of a Checklist, you can also email them a copy of the Checklist.

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