FAQ: Redline Planroom

How do I print a sheet from Redline Planroom?

Sheets can be printed by right-clicking on the desired sheet from the Current Set pane and selecting "Print" from the dropdown menu, or by clicking the 🖨️ Print button in the top right-hand corner of Redline Planroom. Once you've selected the print option, you can choose between two ways to print: 

  1. Print Sheet Only - Prints sheet with markup only 
  2. Print Sheet & Report - Prints sheet with markup, pinned items, and descriptions 

Once you've made your selection, ConstructionOnline will prompt you to choose from additional custom options including printing full size or letter size (available when printing sheet only), filtering by Resource, and choosing from different item types to include. By default, ConstructionOnline chooses to include all Public Markup & Annotations when printing from Planroom, but you can also include any Private Markup, Takeoff Measurements and/or Pinned Items by marking the ☑️ checkbox next to the desired item types.

For step-by-step instructions on how to print sheets, visit this article.

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