FAQ: Invoicing

How can I send an Invoice to a client?

ConstructionOnline provides you with several flexible options for sending an Invoice to a client. Within ConstructionOnline, you can directly email your client a copy of the Invoice by selecting the "Send Invoice via Email" button. ConstructionOnline also allows you to customize how detailed you want the Invoice to appear to your clients, with options to generate a more general "Summary Invoice" or a more thorough "Detailed Invoice". Additional benefits for managing your Invoices within ConstructionOnline include automated email reminders, which can be set to deliver custom emails under specific constraints—such as a few days before the due date or when the Invoice is overdue. 

You can also generate a PDF version of the Invoice if the client prefers a hard copy or if you need to send it through a third party system, such as your own personal email client. This option is available by selecting the "Print Invoice" button. 

Alternatively, if the Invoice has already been sent from ConstructionOnline to QuickBooks, you can send the Invoice from QuickBooks Online to your client. 

Please note: both the "Send Invoice via Email" and "Print Invoice" buttons are located on the Invoice Details page, which opens up when you click on an individual Invoice in ConstructionOnline. 

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