Managing Client Selections

Duplicate a Selection

Easily replicate the selection sheets construction clients love within ConstructionOnline's Client Selections


ConstructionOnline™ offers constructions pros the ability to quickly & easily build, track, & share comprehensive selection sheets—organized in ConstructionOnline™ as Categories, Selections, & Selection Choices—that clients can choose from when customizing their construction projects. To streamline the creation process of selection sheet options, ConstructionOnline™ offers Company Users easy-to-use "duplicate" options, allowing them to repurpose the Categories, Selections, and/or Selection Choices that their clients love. 


  1. Navigate to the desired Project via the Left Sidebar.
  2. Click on the Financials tab and choose the Client Selections category.
  3. Within the Selection Details pane, right-click on the name of the Selection you wish to duplicate and select "Duplicate Selection" from the dropdown menu. 
    1. If the Selection is "Pending," you may access the "Duplicate Selection" option from the Pending Selections pane as well.
  4. Within the Duplicate Selection window, choose from the following options:
    ♦ PLEASE NOTE: Duplicating a Selection also duplicates its respective Selection Choices. 
    1. Choose Destination Project: Select the Project, Opportunity, or Project Template you wish to send the duplicated Selection to. 
      1. The current Project is selected within this field by default.
      2. Projects appear within the dropdown list in alphabetical order, followed by Opportunities and Project Templates.
    2. Choose Destination Selection Category: Select the Category you wish for the duplicated Selection to appear in. 
      1. Only Client Selections Categories from the selected Project, Opportunity, or Project Template will appear within the dropdown list. 
      2. The dropdown list populates Categories by order of creation.
        1. By default, the first Category created within the Project, Opportunity, or Project Template—regardless of reorganization—will populate to this field. 
        2. If no Categories are present within the selected Project, Opportunity, or Project Template, a "No Categories in this ____" message will appear within the field. Categories can be added to any Project, Opportunity, or Project Template at any point.
    3. Uncheck any details you do not wish to include when duplicating the Selection. 
      1. Keep existing Due Date: Keeps the existing Selection Due Date(s) unless unchecked, which will result in blank Due Date field(s) within the duplicated Selections
        1. Due Dates may be set or changed within any Selection(s) at any point.
      2. Keep existing Allowance: Keeps the existing Allowance(s) unless unchecked, which will result in blank Allowance field(s) within the duplicated Selections
        1. Allowances may be set or changed within any Selection at any point.
      3. Keep existing Location: Keeps the existing Location(s) unless unchecked, which will result in blank Location field(s) within the duplicated Selections
        1. The Location of a Selection may be set or changed at any point. 
      4. Duplicate Attachments: Ensures all Attachments that are currently within the Selection and the Selection's respective Selection Choices are duplicated to the new Selection
  1. Finalize your duplication preferences by clicking the blue "Duplicate" button.
    1. Selections that have been marked as "Approved" will revert to a "Pending" status when duplicated. 
    2. A pop-up notification will appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen confirming the Selection was successfully duplicated and giving you the option to go to the "Duplicate Selection" by clicking the hyperlinked text.


  • Permissions: ConstructionOnline™ Company Users who have Client Selections permissions set to “Can Create, Edit, & Delete” can duplicate Client Selections.
    • ClientLink™ and TeamLink™ Users cannot duplicate Client Selections; however depending upon the ConstructionOnline™ Company's ClientLink™ / TeamLink™ Settings, they may have permission to view, approve, and/or create Selection Choices.
  • Mobile App: Duplicating Client Selections is exclusively available for Company Employees via browser access to ConstructionOnline™. 


  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Client Selections can be found in the article FAQ: Client Selections
  • If you need additional assistance, chat with a Specialist by clicking the orange Chat icon located in the bottom left corner or visit the UDA support page for additional options.