Managing Company Projects

Download All Project Files

Quickly download all files and photos saved in a Company Project.


To download all files and photos for an individual project in ConstructionOnline.


ConstructionOnline offers industry-leading cloud file management tools that provide construction companies with direct access to project documents the second they are required. With just one click, all files and photos saved to a Company Project can be instantly downloaded—making it much easier to store project documents on your device.


  • Project Files & Photos can be easily downloaded to your device using the Download All Project Files option.
  • ConstructionOnline will compress all downloaded Project Files & Photos into a zip file.
    • The file name will automatically save as the name of the associated project. 
    • Any Files & Photos originally stored within a Folder/Album will retain the existing Folder/Album structure when downloaded. 
  • Any Files & Photos not saved to All Files will not be downloaded. This includes:
    • Files & Photos attached to Daily Logs, Checklists, Client Selections, etc.
    • ClientLink™ and TeamLink™ files not saved to All Files. 
  • All Company Employees can download Project Files & Photos from Live Projects they have been added to. 
    • Only Company Admin Users and Project Creators can download Project Files & Photos from Pending Projects.
  • Downloading all Project Files & Photos is exclusively available via browser access to ConstructionOnline. Project Files & Photos may only be individually downloaded via the ConstructionOnline App. 


  1. Navigate to the desired Project via the Left Sidebar.
  2. Click on the Project Name located at the top of the page. 
  3. Select the option Download All Project Files.

    Download All Project Files
    1. If the Project has a small number of Files & Photos, a pop-up will appear to signal that the download has started. The pop-up will list the total number of files being downloaded and the exact size of the download.
      Preparing files for download
    2. If the Project has a large number of Files & Photos, ConstructionOnline will send an email with the zip file after the download is complete. Please do not anticipate an immediate email—Projects with a large number of Files & Photos will take a longer time to compile.
      Zip file message
    3. Once the zip file has been downloaded to your device, you may unzip the file to extract the Project Files & Photos. For more instructions, learn how to unzip a zip file on any device


  • To download a record of Daily Logs, try creating a Combined Log Report for your desired date range. Combined Log Reports can compile all types of Daily Logs and can be filtered by related contact or log creator. Note: any attachments displayed in the report cannot be extracted from the downloaded report. 


  • The Download All Project Files option can also be found on the Project Timeline page.
      1. Navigate to the desired Project via the Left Sidebar.
      2. Select the Timeline tab.
      3. Click the grey three dot menu located next to Project Details. 
      4. Select the option Download All Project Files.

        Project Details


  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Projects can be found in the article FAQ: Projects
  • If you need additional assistance, chat with a Specialist by clicking the orange Chat icon located in the bottom left corner or visit the UDA Support Page for additional options.