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Customize your Public Profile URL

Create a custom web address for your Company Public Profile.


To customize the Shortcut, or custom web address, for your Company Public Profile.


ConstructionOnline provides every company with a Company Public Profile: a unique, single-page webpage that acts as both a customizable landing page and a login page for ClientLink™ and TeamLink™ Contacts. Company Admin Users are responsible for customizing and maintaining the Company Public Profile, which can be used to grow business, capture new leads, and promote the company online. The Shortcut is the custom web address, or URL, that visitors will use to visit the Company Public Profile page. 


  • All Public Profile URLs begin with
  • By default, a randomly generated numerical code is inserted as a placeholder in the shortcut extension.
    • For example:
  • Company Admin Users can customize the ending path of the Public Profile URL to improve company branding. No other parts of the web address can be edited.
    • For example:
  • Each Company must have their own unique Shortcut. If a Company Admin User enters a Shortcut that is already in use, ConstructionOnline will display a warning and direct the user to try again. 
  • It is recommended to share your Company Public Profile web address AFTER customization. If a user tries to access a URL that no longer exists (i.e. the Shortcut was customized after the user was given the URL), the user will be redirected to the ConstructionOnline website. 
  • The Company Public Profile cannot be customized using the ConstructionOnline Mobile App.


  1. Locate the Company Dropdown Menu found in the top right corner of ConstructionOnline. 
  2. Under Public Profile & Portals, select Public Profile Settings.
  3. In the Shortcut field, replace the randomly generated number with your preferred company name.
  4. Click the Set Shortcut button to check if your Shortcut is already in use.
    1. Each ConstructionOnline Company must have a unique Shortcut. A warning will pop up if you enter a Shortcut that is already in use by another company. 
  5. Click the blue Save button to finalize your Company's custom web address. 


  • Use the blue Copy Link button to conveniently copy your new custom web address!


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