Integrating with QuickBooks Desktop

Creating Estimates in QuickBooks Desktop


Create a QuickBooks estimate from a ConstructionOnline estimate or change order.


QuickBooks allows you to prepare a Customer and Job with a client estimate.  These estimates are used for invoicing, creating purchase orders or sales orders, and show up in several critical reports like estimate vs. actuals or job profitability reports.  QuickBooks estimates can take up to a few hours to create by hand, but only moments when sent through Socket.


  • The QuickBooks Initial Setup must be completed prior to sending over your first estimate.
  • All QuickBooks transactions require a Customer and a Job which must be set in ConstructionOnline.
  • QuickBooks and Socket will need to be installed and open on your computer to integrate.
  • You must have an internet connection - This is a Direct Connection!


  1. Open Socket and log in using your ConstructionOnline Username and Password.
  2. Select a project from the Projects list.
  3. Click 'Create Estimate' and select the primary customer.
  4. Select which estimate or change order you would like to send to QuickBooks
    1. New customers, jobs, and change order jobs will be created in QuickBooks as needed.
    2. Change orders will always be created in QuickBooks under the primary customer:job
    3. When creating the base estimate, selections will be included in the estimate using the 'UDA Selections' parent item
  5. Include all markups as needed if you are invoicing from the estimate.
    1. Company Overhead & Margin can be included as separate items (best for tracking profitability) or Prorated (best for creating progress invoicing and hiding CO&M)
    2. Line item markups should be included if used in the estimate on ConstructionOnline
    3. Line item markup can be included in the QuickBooks rate (or cost) if used to represent additional item costs on ConstructionOnline.
  6. Click OK to create the estimate.  This may take a moment to complete but will open automatically in QuickBooks when complete.


    We're here to help! Chat with a Specialist by clicking the orange Chat icon in the bottom left corner or Contact UDA Support for additional options.