Set Country & Display Language

Quickly set your local country and display language via the flag icon in ConstructionOnline.


To set the local country and display language in ConstructionOnline.


ConstructionOnline supports more than 850,000 active users in over 75 countries worldwide. For a more localized experience for every user, ConstructionOnline provides options customized for more than 125 countries with country-specific preferences for national holidays, local language & terminology, proper currency representation, standard units of measure, and local date & calendar format.


  • Users can easily know which country their account is associated with by viewing the flag icon in the upper right hand corner of ConstructionOnline. 
  • The flag icon that appears is set to default as the country associated with the ConstructionOnline Account.
  • All ConstructionOnline Company Users, TeamLink Contacts, and ClientLink Contacts can individually set their country and language using the flag icon.
  • Users cannot access country and language settings from the ConstructionOnline Mobile App. 
  • ConstructionOnline is currently available in Spanish and Chinese translations, along with international versions specifically customized for Canada, Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. 

Country affects terminology, currency, date & calendar format, and holidays. Language changes the language in which ConstructionOnline is presented.


  1. Click on the flag icon located in the top right corner of ConstructionOnline.

  2. Use the Choose Country dropdown menu to select your desired country.
    1. If you select a country for which there is an available translation of ConstructionOnline, it will automatically default to that language.
      For example, selecting Mexico as your country will automatically populate Spanish as the language. This default language can be changed before saving.
  3. Use the Choose Language dropdown menu to select your desired display language.
  4. Click the blue Save button to finalize your changes.


  • You can also use the Company Dropdown Menu in the top right corner of ConstructionOnline to change the Country and Language.
      1. Under Account Settings, click on Country & Language.
      2. Follow steps 2 - 4 as listed above.


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