Create an Estimate Notes Report


To create an Estimate Notes Report in ConstructionOnline


ConstructionOnline provides the most powerful cloud-based estimating in the industry, giving users the ability to manage their project financials from proposal generation through final invoicing. With over 100 reporting options available, ConstructionOnline empowers users to swiftly compile project data for effortless editing, saving, and sharing. 


  • Note types available for inclusion are General Notes, TeamLink Notes, ClientLink Notes, and Takeoff Notes. 
  • Only estimate items containing notes are able to be selected for inclusion when generating the report. 
  • Report creator can choose to include or exclude notes for estimate items with no estimated value. 


  1. Navigate to the desired Project via the Left Sidebar
  2. Select the Financials tab
  3. Choose the Financial Reports category
  4. Hover over the Estimate Notes Report & click Create
    1. This will open the Estimate Notes Report window
    2. The current estimate will be selected as the estimate for which the report will be generated. To change the estimate, select from the dropdown menu of available estimates. 
  5. Select items to include on the report
    1. "Select All" will check all items eligible for report inclusion.
    2. Selecting items at the subcategory level will select all eligible items within the subcategory for report inclusion.
    3. Items can be individually selected for report inclusion. 
  6. Select note types to include on the report
    1. General Notes
    2. TeamLink Notes
    3. ClientLink Notes
    4. Takeoff Notes
  7. Choose whether to include notes for items with no estimated value
  8. Click Create
    1. The Report will open in a new tab
  9. You can Share, Save, Download, Edit, or Print the Report from this tab


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