Add a Company User


To add a Company User to your contacts in ConstructionOnline


By adding Company Users, employees will be able to collaborate on projects and view vital information that they need to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently.


  • Not all users have to be created equally. Users may have various permissions set that will allow a wide range of accessibility and editing abilities.
  • Key users may be set as an Administrator if you would like them to have the same privileges as an Account Owner.


  1. Navigate to the Company Dropdown Menu at the top right of ConstructionOnline
  2. Select Manage Company Users
    1. This will open the Company Employees page
  3. Click the green +Add Employee button
    1. This will open the Add Company Employee window
  4. Enter the new user's information
    1. First Name, Last Name, & unique Email Address are required
    2. There is an additional option to exclude the user from existing company projects
  5. Select Add Employee when finished
    1. This will open the Employee Settings window
  6. Set the permissions for the user and click Next
  7. Create a password for the user or leave it blank and a default password will be set
  8. Click Next 
    1. An email invitation to join your ConstructionOnline Company will be sent to the employee
  9. Click Close
    1. This will automatically open the Contact Details window
  10. Enter any additional information you would like and/or click Save


We're here to help! Chat with a Specialist by clicking the orange Chat icon in the bottom left corner or Contact UDA Support for additional options.